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About us

A&KJ Productions is a small organization in the Netherlands, based near Amsterdam. We perform some special projects and develop innovative products and services. The 2 founders together have more than 45 years experience in startup business, innovation, IT, software development, business consulting and management. And this in organizations ranging from startups to multinationals in various industries. Depending on the project, we are collaborating with other companies and partners.

For some of our products, projects and services we provide some more detail on this website:

  • quodari: your digital organizer
  • prizfix: a platform for instant price agreements
  • nmbrs! a card game
  • nmbrs! blocks: the variant of the card game, in wooden blocks
  • towers: a game currently in production: launch in 2019!

Our address

A&KJ Productions B.V.
Kroonwerk 13
2141 NM Vijfhuizen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 23 574 8149