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nmbrs! card game

nmbrs! is a card game consisting of 104 cards: the numbers 1 to 100 and 4 jokers. The cards are colored red, orange, blue or green, and have a value of 1, 2 or 3 (jokers are value 0). Your goal is to make sequences of 3 cards minimum and score points. If it is your turn, you take a card from the stock. Then you can put a valid sequence on the table. Also you can extend sequences of yourself or other players. For example, you can add the card '50' to a sequence 20-30-40. You earn points based on the point value of the cards. At the end of your turn, you throw away one card you cannot use.
There are easy variants for kids. The game has some similarities with Rummikub and some other card games. It is fun to play for people of all ages that have 'something' with numbers. Also very useful for the smaller kids to exercise their tables of multiplication by playing the game...

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where to buy?

nmbrs! is produced and distributed by Winning Moves mainly sold in Germany, in game shops or online. For example on amazon.de
For (re)selling nmbrs! in other countries, please contact us
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rules of the game

The game rules can be downloaded.
spelregels in het nederlands
Spielregeln auf Deutsch
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