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nmbrs! blocks edition

Inspired by our cardsgame, we have developed a variant in wooden blocks. We have produced a first 'limited edition'. We have chosen to work with a producer that is member of the World Fair Trade Organization: Golden Palm Crafts in Sri Lanka.

nmbrs blocks edition nmbrs blocks edition

The game is simple. There are several variants, but the general concept is as follows:

  • the game consists of wooden blocks numbered 1 to 100 and 4 'joker' blocks
  • every player gets 7 blocks
  • when it is your turn, you take a block from the blind stock
  • you try to make logical sequences (such as in the examples below), and put them on the table
  • you can link sequences together, and also add blocks vertically to existing series
  • at the end of each turn, the player throws away one block he cannot use
  • if another player can use this block, he can take it but he has to take one additional block from the blind stock
  • the player that first gets rid of all his blocks, wins the round
  • the other players count their remaining blocks, a joker counts for 3
  • the points are noted and the overall winner (at the end of a number of rounds) is the player with the least points

The game can be played from 7-99 years. For small children, you can play just with blocks 1-50. One round typically takes 5-10 minutes. So playing a few rounds typically takes 15-45 minutes.

For the detailed rules, see the rules of the game (in English), règle du jeu (en Français) or spelregels (in het Nederlands).


If want to know more, want to resell, evualate or order this game, don't hesitate to contact us using the contact page.

Where to buy?
We have produced the game in a limited edition. It is for sale at denkspellenwinkel het Paard in Amsterdam (Haarlemmerdijk 173).
Or contact us via the contact page to order the blocks edition of nmbrs!

Produced by Golden Palm Crafts, certified member of the WFTO.
world fair trade organization