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prizfix - price negotiations made easy

The idea
We are convinced that in many cases the deal-making process is far from optimal. As buyer and seller typically have no information about each other's price bands, negotiations can be difficult, take time and often lead to missed deals. In some cases even the buyer is willing to pay a higher price than the price the seller had in mind initially (for example when buying art). Obviously there are different tools and methods to facilitate deal-making (such as bidding and auctions), however there was room for a fast and simple alternative that allows for instant price agreements. Prizfix is the solution.

How it works
The principle is based on the fact that an optimal price can be determined if both the seller and buyer would provide their acceptable price ranges. This is of course only possible with a neutral intermediary, and that is exactly what prizfix is.

Based on a mathematical algorithm, prizfix suggests a price level that should be acceptable to both parties. Only if the maximum price the buyer wants to pay is lower than the minimum price the seller wants to get, prizfix is not able to propose a price. Otherwise prizfix will propose the price that is as good or as bad to both parties. The proposed price is just a (not binding) suggestion: the buyer and seller can still decide not to make the deal.

Independence and data privacy
We are independent from any other company and act as a neutral party in your trading process. We only keep data that is required to support our processes (for deal-making and administration). We will not share or publish any of your personal and deal related data. Trust and independence are the cornerstones of our service. Without that we would not exist.

Try it out
We are convinced that prizfix can revolutionalize the way deals are made. However, the best is to try it out yourself to find out how it works. Subscription is not required to get started, and usage of prizfix is free. Get started on www.prizfix.com