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The idea

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Quodari is a new app offering the best of the large social platforms, but with data privacy 'by design'.
We are putting the user 'in control' of their data. We don't sell data, we don't abuse data, and we don't confront the user with commercials.
Everybody can use quodari: it's your diary, logbook, notes, album, catalogue, wishlist, todo list, ...
You share what you want, your data is safe and you can personalize your experience and define your preferences.

The development of quodari
Although we had the idea for quodari since several years, we really started with the development in 2018. Now we have a working prototype, which has been tested on a small scale. We also have done a market survey to understand needs, requirements, preferences and willingness to pay. The results of the survey are very promising: the current climate and recent publications regarding data privacy issues with the large players such as Facebook are increasingt the awareness amongst the public that something needs to change. With quodari we offer one of the solutions.

Next steps
In 2019 we have further tested the app with a selected test group. Based on the feedback from the test group and many other people that acted as soundboard, we have decided to invest and we spinned-off Quodari in a separate company (Quodari B.V.). Currently we are redesigning the user interface to make the app super intuitive with a top user experience. We are extending the team and will launch the first official version at the end of Q1 2020.

Founding partners
For quodari we are working together with the founding partners AX-online, GetIdDone and Dynamit - online software techniek.

We are convinced that quodari responds to a real need. If you are interested to learn more about quodari, or volunteer for the early access program, have a look on quodari.com or contact us.